Production of ecological wood briquettes, pellets, pallets, shingle, stovewood and wooden spills.

Our products

First-class quality at affordable prices.

Wood Briquettes

Made of pure sawdust, which are pressed into a round shape under high pressure.

Wood Pellets

Pellets are a very promising type of ecological fuel. They are made from purely natural raw materials


EUR / EPAL pallets, two-way pallets, also atypical pallets including specially designed for heavy and oversized loads.

Roof shingle

It is a traditional roof covering of original folk buildings. It is also used for house facades.


Currently is int the offer an larch from Czech forests provide highest quality stovewood.

Wooden spills

Our range also includes wooden spills made of soft woody plants.


If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form


Currently, we can provide our own domestic truck transport and only within our goods.

Lumber production

We produce construction and carpentry lumber on a cutting automatic line.

Drying timber

Drying of construction and joinery lumber in a chamber hot air dryer. We also do heat treatment of pallets and packaging material according to the IPPC certification .

Metal production

We also deal with custom metal production of machined parts according to the drawing documentation and customer requirements.


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